Sunday, 6.17

Katy Trail riders came together at the riverside campground in St. Charles to start the week. Some chose to do the pre-ride to Machens, the easternmost point of the Katy Trail, which was about a 25-mile round trip from the campground. The route went through Black Walnut.

Machens–the eastern end of the Katy Trail

The new Gatorade dispenser

There was a lot of buzz about the new Gatorade dispenser that will be at the SAG stops. A few riders thought it was hand sanitizer! The Gatorade dispenser is there to make sure everyone gets a clean drink–so make sure you don’t dip the plastic in your bottle.





Homemade solar-powered charging station


While most people plugged their cell phones in en masse at a charging station or at one of the few electric outlets near the campground, this tech-savvy rider charged his phone and laptop at his tent. He built his own solar-powered portable charging station!









Late at night, the campers got a small surprise–sprinklers in the park went off! Riders tried to contain the water by putting trash cans over the sprinklers, but that just caused water to pool up around the sprinklers. Riders camping in other parts of the park were lucky enough to avoid the extra shower.


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